Armenian Mediterranean Cuisine

Armenian Mediterranean Cuisine

Although today Armenia is a landlocked country in the Caucasus, you may have heard that the Armenian Mediterranean tradition and culture. Medieval Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia was one the most important states at the world stage of its time.
All the shades of Mediterranean cuisine from anise-flavored spirits to the vast range of snacks, salads and of course the famous chee kufta, the tartar of Middle East.
During this tour you will be guided by our culinary expert to one of the family restaurants, operated by the Armenians from Syria and Lebanon, the decedents of the Cilician Armenians and who have enriched Cilician culinary traditions for more than 1000 years.


  • We will meet on agreed time and drive you to the restaurant
  • Our food guide will greet you at the restaurant
  • Armenian Cilician national food and drinks
  • every day
  • you can book online or by telephone
  • price per person – AMD 19,000


We will have selection of the following main courses:

  • Selection of Mediterranean Kebabs – khash-khash, vegetable, beef and beef liver kebab
  • Mediterranean Tolma – grape leave rice tolma made in olive oil and species
  • Chicken barbecue
  • Chee Kufta – tartar beef, prepared in special sauce
  • Ras Nana – beef made in mint and garlic and lemon sauce


  • Eaach – traditional Armenian bulgur salad
  • Ahorjak – traditional Armenian beetroot salad
  • Qamac matsun – diary salad with herbs
  • Hummus
  • Muhammara – paprika and pomegranate dip
  • Moutabal – egg plant salad
  • Fattoush – tomato and cucumber salad, made in traditional Mediterranean way with olives and breadcrumbs
  • Falafel
  • Toshka – beef and cheese snack
  • Cheese and meat pastries rolls
  • Sujukh rolls – a pastry made with beef delicatesse
  • Lavash


  • Armenian wine OR Aniisse oghi (eau-de-vie)
  • Still and Sparkling water
  • Coffee / tea

Why choosing this tour?

  • Affordable pricing
  • Ease of transportation
  • Private and corporate tours are available

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Tour Testimonials

We visited a nice restaurant run by an Armenian family from Syria. Enjoyed an atmosphere and food very, very much!!


Great food and great family! We felt like at home, enjoyed falafels, kufta, meat and veg and learned a lot about the Mediterranean cuisine!


Здорово! Не ожидал...хорошо погуляли с анисовой водкой и разнообразной едой...


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