Food Tour to Gyumri

Food Tour to Gyumri

During the tour we will have walking tour in the city, visit museums and churches and have a nice meal in a traditional restaurant.


  • We will pick you on agreed time and drive you to Gyumri
  • English-speaking guide will be with you during whole journey
  • Local guide will greet us in Gyumri and we will start from light snacks and tea/coffee refresh in an old town cafe.
  • Then we will have visit a porcelain workshop and museum, where famous patterns of Armenian porcelain from Kutahya region of Cilicia are shown
  • Afterwards, we will have a walking tour in the old town of Gymri
  • We will visit churches, porcelain museum and cinema museum
  • Then we will proceed to the national restaurant in the old town
  • We will have meal with traditional Armenian food
  • If you want you can enjoy local specialty – qala, a sheep head baked in oven
  • every Wednesday and Saturday
  • you can book online or by telephone
  • price per person – AMD 25,000


  • We will start with light snacks on arrival to Gyumri
  • Selection of Armenian cheese (5 types)
  • Basturma and sujukh
  • Kebab, an Armenian barbecued minced meat
  • Lezu – a beef tongue, made in a traditional way with vegetables and sauce
  • Lavash
  • Matnaqash (locally made Armenian national bread)


  • Beer from local beer factory OR Armenian wine
  • Oghi, a traditional eau-de-vie
  • Local Spring Water
  • Тea OR coffee


You can order a kovi qala, a Northern Armenian specialty – a whole beef head baked in an oven. Please check the details with our team.


You can inquire an extended program for a full day tour that includes visit to the city fortress and former cossacks’ check points. Please check the details with our team.

Why choosing this tour?

  • Important for understanding local culture
  • Private and corporate tours are available
  • Unforgettable experience

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Tour Testimonials

Заказали гастротур в Гюмри, посмотрели город, вкусно поели. Кстати, люди в Гюмри очень дружелюбны, а в городе сохранилась архитектура позапрошлого века....


Gyumri was amazing. Never thought that it can be such a nice place with unique architecture, people and, of course, food. Thanks for great time!

Los Angeles

Very interesting tour. We combined visit to Gyumri with local food experience, which was quite nice.


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