Lake Sevan Food Tour

Lake Sevan Food Tour

During this tour we will drive to lake Sevan – a must-see destination in Armenia (around 1 hour drive from Yerevan). We will walk around the lake and the peninsula, visit a medieval monastery and enjoy great food.
The restaurant we will visit is located on the shore of the lake Sevan, so we will enjoy the food and fantastic to the lake Sevan.
During the tour you will taste fish from the lake Sevan and famous Sevan crayfish, including a local delicatessen – crayfish kebab.
OPTION: we can organize a boat transfer from the peninsula to the fish restaurant.


  • We will pick you on agreed time and drive you to lake Sevan
  • English-speaking guide will be with you during whole journey
  • We will start from a nice walk on the peninsula and visit the monastery
  • Then we will proceed to the beaches and have some relax on the lake
  • Afterwards, we will proceed to the restaurant
  • During the meal the chef will tell us about the local fishing traditions, famous Sevan trouts and lobsters we will taste
  • on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • you can book online or by telephone
  • price per person – AMD 30,000


We will have selection of the following main courses:

  • Light snacks
  • Gata – whitefish from lake Sevan, prepared in a special way
  • Lake Sevan crayfish
  • Barbecued Fish
  • Crayfish kebab
  • Lavash
  • Matnaqash (locally made Armenian national bread)


  • Armenian wine OR Armenian beer
  • Oghi (an Armenian eau-de-vie)
  • Kompot, a traditional home-made fruit beverage (peach or quince)
  • Spring Water
  • Armenian traditional thyme and mint tea or coffee served with selection of anoush (fruit/berry dessert)

Why choosing this tour?

  • Important for understanding local culture
  • Private and corporate tours are available
  • Unforgettable experience

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Tour Testimonials

Finally tasted trout from lake Sevan. I had great photos taken on the shore of the lake.

San Diego

Очень все хорошо организовано, нас забрали из гостиницы, отвезли на озеро, хорошо погуляли, попробовали севанских раков. Спасибо организаторам!


Севанские раки на Севане просто фантастика! Особенно понравился кебаб из раков :)


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