Village experience

Village experience

Village food tour is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the Armenian culture. We offer you a trip to village near Yerevan, where a local culinary enthusiast will host you. During degustation of vast array of homemade cheese, hams, wines & spirits our host will tell you about peculiarities of the recipes and reveal some secrets of the preparation. At the end together with the family we will prepare and enjoy a tonri khorovats, a barbecue made in a tonir, an underground oven made of clay.


  • Pick-up and transfer to the village (around 30 min from Yerevan city center) with the English-speaking guide
  • Local host greet you in the house
  • We will start with some light snacks (lavash with home-made cheese and ham), sweeties (chuchkhel, alani, pokhindz), chir (assorted dried fruits – apricots, prunes, apples, peaches), fresh garden fruits and vegetables (seasonable) and home-made kompots
  • Afterwards, we will have a stroll on the village streets, visit local church, talk to locals
  • On return we will start preparation of tonri khorovats – together with our host we will start the process from kindle a fire in the tonir and putting the food on the shampoor, a traditional Armenian metal skewer
  • While making the khorovats we will taste home-made wines and oghi (Armenian eau-de-vie) paired with home-made cheese and ham
  • As a dessert we will have tea served with popoqi / kerasi anoush (an absolute delicacy made from our hosts’s garden nuts / white cherries)
  • After tasty meal, we will taste home-made brandy made from local grapes and Nran gini (a pomegranate wine) with Armenian nuts & raisins and peaches and apples from local garden (seasonable) we will drive back to Yerevan
  • every Sunday
  • you can book online or by telephone
  • price per person – AMD 50,000


We will have selection of the following main courses:

  • Tonri khorovats, an Armenian pork / lamb barbecue made in an underground clay oven – tonir
  • Amarayin khorovats (barbecued tomato, egg-plants and pepper)
  • Barbecued potato
  • Fresh garden vegetable salads (seasonable)
  • Selection of home-made cheese
  • Selection of home-made diary products
  • Selection of home-made ham
  • Home-made salted vegetables
  • Local garden fruits (seasonable)
  • Home-made sweeties (chuchkhel, alani, pokhindz)
  • Home-made chir (assorted dried fruits – apricots, prunes, apples, peaches)
  • Armenian nuts & raisins
  • Tonri Lavash (lavash made in tonir
  • Matnaqash (locally made Armenian national bread)


  • Nran gini, homemade pomegranate wine
  • Selection of home-made red and white wines – dry, semi-sweet and sweet
  • Selection of home-made oghi (an Armenian eau-de-vie)
  • Home-made brandy made from local grapes
  • Kompot, a traditional home-made fruit beverage (peach or quince)
  • Still and Sparkling Water
  • Armenian traditional tea, made from thyme and mint served with popoqi / kerasi anoush (nuts / white cherries dessert)


You can order a tonir speciality – a lamb or got meat, stuffed with dried fruits and prepared in tonir with acharov pilaf and mushrooms. Please check the details with our team.

Why choosing this tour?

  • Guidance by culinary expert
  • Important for understanding local culture
  • Private and corporate tours are available
  • Professional guidance from a local chef
  • Unforgettable experience

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Tour Testimonials

We booked this tour with friends and spent a great time.. will definitely book it again as the food was GREAT!!!


Owner, Arthur, is a fantastic story teller and chief.. Enjoyed it very much...


Cool! Owner had a terrific collection of home-made wines and brandies....

John H.

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