Wine Tasting Master Class

Wine Tasting Master Class

For real wine enthusiasts!

Probably every true wine enthusiast has once been to a wine tour. Most of the wine tours are usually composed of two components: tasting and professional presentation of the wine and tastes. Usually it is done by a sommelier, a wine expert, the cool guy who knows everything about the wine.

In addition to the wine tours, we offer you a wine tasting master class – a unique way to get wine tasting skills in addition to knowledge. You will learn how to understand the difference between the wines and will make an important step to become wine expert. If this idea sound good enough then this tour is a must-book one!

The wine tasting master-class will be conducted by a professional wine and enology expert in a professional wine tasting venue.


  • Meet on 16.45 in the Yerevan city center
  • Walk down to the wine tasting venue (5-7 min nice walk)
  • During the master class you will learn how to make wine tasting, how to correctly read wine labels, as well as about the Armenian wine making traditions and wines.
  • We will taste 5 types of Armenian wines with snacks
  • from Monday to Friday
  • you can book online or by telephone
  • price per person – AMD 19,000


At the end of the master class you can continue with a dinner at one of the famous national restaurants nearby or wine restaurants on Sarian street. Please check the details with our team.

Why choosing this tour?

  • Affordable pricing
  • Private and corporate tours are available
  • Unforgettable experience

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Tour Testimonials

I liked the rose wines the most. To be honest, never thought that Armenian rose wines will be so tasty.


Очень понравилось! Особенно, когда завязали глаза и угадывали вина.


Very interesting! I was impressed by the wine tasting venue and the professional master-class. And of course the wines were amazing!

Enrique Suarez

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